ChangeAide 3.3 Versions

ChangeAide 3.3 is available in four versions. These are:

Project Reader

Installations Free

This version can read Product Based Plans produced by the other versions. This version is free.

Please contact for a Project Reader License Key.

Product Version

under £39.00 per License Key (two installations)*

This version provides support for managing a set of products for a programme or project. This Product Version supports the following Management Products:

  • the Product Checklist,
  • the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS),
  • the Product Description for each product,
  • the Product Flow Diagram (PFD).

The Product Version requires a Product License Key.

Project Version

under £67.00 per License Key (two installations)*

The Project version provides support to a project manager to plan and manage a single project. In addition to the capabilities of the Product Version, this version supports:

  • identify and track activities,
  • interface with MS Project to import and export activities,
  • capture and manage Project Records,
  • create and maintain word templates for documents and reports
  • provide more detailed project organisation structure information.
  • and copy to File and Paste from File are enabled in this version.

*NOTE: Prices may vary due to currency rate changes and all prices on this web site quoted without VAT.

Project Reader

The Project Reader can be installed and used for Free.

The project reader allows Product Based Plans created by ChangeAide to be read but not changed or saved. The information that can be seen is controlled by the owner of the plan. This is useful for team members to review their part in the project.

Revision: 3.3.7