Server Installation

ChangeAide can be installed on Terminal Servers. The installation requires the following:

NOTE: Please try ChangeAide on a PC or MAC prior to installation on a Terminal Server.

1) Server License Key

A temporary server license key is installed and provides two days of trial use. An internet connection is required to enable this trial period. If you do not have access to the internet, the trial period must be enabled via e-mail.

Please send a request to to obtain a free server license key.

The License Key can then be installed to enable trial periods for any other users on the server.

2) User License Key

Individual users can enable their copy of ChangeAide for a 20 day trial period after a server license key has been installed.

A license key can support any number of unique installations on the server.

ChangeAide is now ready for installation on a Citrix Server. Please contact for additional instructions.

Revision: 3.2.18