Getting Started

Here are some pointers to help get you started using this software:

E-mail support to help you get started using ChangeAide is Free!!! Please send to:

Change Aide Tour Please view the ChangeAide Tour of the various product versions and their capabilities.

Look through the completed example projects to see example Product Based Plans.

Example PBP files are located in the 'My Documents\My ProductBasedPlans\Examples\' folder

Open ShedExampleActiv00.PBP (or others) at any time to see the example.

Save in multiple files Rather than save your project in a single file, save various versions with unique file names.  A simple approach is to add two digits to the end of the file name and increment the number for different versions.
View the demonstrations

A number of demonstrations have been included in the help file.  The following are useful to see before you start:

Use the help file

The help file contains sections on:

How To use the software

The Product Based Planning (PBP) View

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the Tutorial The tutorial guides you through creating the Shed Example Project
OnLine Help

The latest help information can be found on the Online version of this help file.  Please visit:

ChangeAide Help

Product Based Planning Knowledge Base In addition to the application help file, a Product Based Planning Knowledge Base is being provided that contains additional examples, lessons learned, and guidance on using Product Based Planning.  Please feel free to contribute your own examples, and lessons learned.  Please visit:  Product Based Planning Knowledge Base
What's New ? See What's New?

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