Markdown (Text Formatting)

To Enable Markdown Processing, select Tools >> Options -- Publishing TAB. Check the Markdown checkbox.

Markdown is a simple way to create formatted text in the output reports.

This approach uses text symbols that are generally used in e-mail messages or texts to format textual information. The full details of the syntax for the can be found in the following links. This allows the text to be readable without complex markup structures.

Detailed information on Markdown and the text syntax can be found at the following external web sites.

The example EventDP2.PBP has been updated to use many of the Markdown features below. This file is now in the Folder:

My ProductBasedPlans/Examples

In addition, where text is available in the Shed examples, Markdown has been enabled.

Remember to use <shift><Return> to enter additional lines in a cell of a table. (This is similar to entering extra lines in Excel).

Here are some examples in ChangeAide. The following text in a Product Description:

is translated into a report

Use Markdown Characters to:

  • Add a new line (line separator) (use <shift><return> followed by another <shift><return>)
  • Add a bulleted list item (use *<space> in front of the row)
  • To indent a bulleted list (add 4 spaces for each level to indent in front of the *<space>)
  • Add a line Break (Add <space><space> at the end of a line)
  • Make text italic (Add * in front and at the end of a word)
  • Make text bold (add ** in front and at the end of a word)

Markdown processing is also available when the PROJ_ bookmarks are used.

NOTE: Direct XHTML formatting can also be added to a cell.

If you have any questions or problems related to using Markdown in your project, please contact

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