Save PBP Plans as Reusable Templates

Any Product Based Plan (PBP) file can be saved and used as a starting point for new projects.

Creating a PBT file.

1) Save an existing Product Based Plan (PBP) file with the extension PBT

2) Move the PBT file to the folder My Documents\My ProductBasedPlans\Templates folder

3) Or optionally move the PBT file to the Workgroup Templates folder.

Creating a New file based upon the PBT file

1) Select the File >> New menu option

2) All PBT files should be visible in the New menu drop down list (both local templates and workgroup templates).

3) Select the template to use

4) Save the file as a new file name and continue to edit normally.

NOTE: The PBT file is just a PBP file. These can be improved as necessary by opening the file and editing as necessary.

Revision: 3.3.7