Knowledge Base Menu

The Knowledge Base Menu extends the capabilities of ChangeAide in the following areas:

  • Product-Based Planning Knowledge Base
  • ChangeAide Knowledge Base
  • Connection to a Formal Management System

Each area is described below:

Product-Based Planning Knowledge Base

The Product-Based Planning Knowledge Base provides a forum for discussing Product Based Planning and provides additional examples and background to Product-Based Planning.

The What's New in this section relates to the Product-Based Planning Knowledge Base.

ChangeAide Knowledge Base

The ChangeAide Knowledge Base provides additional information on the change aspects of a programme or project. This site explores the concept of the Blueprint and the relationship to the organizational design of the current organization.

Additional items will be added from time to time to this site.

Formal Management System

The Formal or Documented Management System provides the current information about how the organization works. In many ways, this management system is the way the managers have designed the organization to work.

Two examples of Formal Management Systems are available:

1) The Demo Formal Management System

This is available upon installation. The settings are controlled using Tools >> Options, Management Systems TAB. This provides an example of how a Formal Management System can be connected to ChangeAide. Links to your own formal management system can be added as an option.

2) An Active Formal Management System.

This is the full management system described in the demonstration. This full management system is available for tailoring as an addon product to ChangeAide. Please contact us using the form below for additional information.

Revision: 3.3.7