Matrix View Overview

The Matrix View provides a matrix view of various items of data in the plan. The initial views are:

  • Product RASCI (Responsibility Chart)
  • Activity RASCI (Responsibility Chart).

The Matrix View can be selected from the Tools >> Matrix view or the View >> Matrix View

The Matrix View can also be selected from the PBP View using a Matrix button on the button bar.

RASCI or Responsibility Chart

The responsibility chart views provide the products or activities along the left side of the view and the Team Assignments along the top heading.

The contents of the matrix are the allocated to responsibilities for products or activities. This view provides a consolidated view of roles and responsibilities across the entire team.

In addition, this view allows editing of all of the responsibilities allocated to a single view.

NOTE: If a resource does not show up in the column headings, add a Team Assignment for the resource. If names appear in the details tab, please add Team Assignments for the individuals listed. Their assignments will show once the team assignments have been added.

Editing Capabilities in the Matrix View

Full editing is available in the Matrix view using the Right Click menu.

Cut, Copy, and Paste are available for any selected cells. These can be copied to any area with the similar shape.

In addition, two additional right click menu items are available:

Fill All Cells: This will copy the value from the primary selected cell into all other cells.

Clear Selected Cells: This will clear all of the selected cells.

All changes are saved when the Matrix view is closed or another view is selected.

Reporting and Bookmarks

Two reports are available to print the RASCI Views:

  • Activity RASCI Matrix
  • Product RASCI Matrix

Bookmarks are available to embed these reports into other documents.

Revision: 3.3.7