PRINCE2®Tailoring Statements

Though all versions of PRINCE2® have described scaling and tailoring, PRINCE2® 2009includes a Principle to 'Tailor to suit the Project Environment.

The following statements describe some of the ways PRINCE2® has been tailored in ChangeAide.

Planning (PL) process There may be references to the Planning (PL) process that no longer exists as a process in PRINCE2® 2009. The same activities identified in the process have been included in the Plans Theme. See figure 7.2 The PRINCE2® approach to plans. The references to Planning remain in the help system to show that these activities do form a coherent planning process for carrying out product based planning.
Integration Products The concept of Integration Products does not appear in the product based planning descriptions included in PRINCE2® 2009. Integration products will continue to remain in ChangeAide as they represent an important class of products found in projects.
Allocated To Roles and Responsibilities are uniquely assigned to resources using the Allocated To columns. Roles and responsibilities can be allocated to generic resources and assigned to specific individuals later. As a result, some of the elements in the product description are consolidated into this set of information that was included in PRINCE2® 2005.
Quality Terminology ISO 9000:2005 (or greater). Though the Quality Management Strategy is included as a product in PRINCE2® 2009, there may continue to be references to the Quality Plan as defined in the various quality standards. The contents of the Quality Plan will be roughly that of the Quality Management Strategy.
Configuration Management Plan. Though the Configuration Management Strategy has been included as a product in PRINCE2® 2009, there may be examples that contain the term Configuration Management Plan. The contents of the Strategy and the Plan are roughly the same. The Configuration Management Plan is a generally accepted term.
Estimates Based on Size The Estimates tab in the Product Based Planning View has been added to support estimates based upon size. This concept comes from the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and is not currently integrated into PRINCE2® other than references to estimating techniques.
Defect tracking Defect tracking has also been included to support measurements in the CMMI. Only a few fields to capture the information has been included.

Two project management models have been included for PRINCE2® 2009 and PRINCE2® 2005. These models take into account as much of the terminology differences as possible (work continuing to resolve any future differences). Please ensure you select the model that matches your current implementation.

All feedback is welcome related to the way ChangeAide has tailored the use of PRINCE2®. Please use the feedback form below or the ChangeAide forums

Revision: 3.3.7