Defining and Analysing Products (PL2)

This software helps you to create or update your:

  • Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
  • Product Description
  • Product Flow Diagram (PFD)

The following capabilities help you manage this project information:

Identify or Insert a product Insert a Product in a Product Breakdown Structure,  Product Checklist or Product Flow Diagram.  Each product is only defined once within this product.

Every product has a unique position on the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).

When products are inserted on the PBS or product checklist, they are automatically inserted on the PFD.

Re-position a Product within the PBS Products can be moved within the PBS.  A product can be re-linked to another product within the PBS or moved up or down on the product checklist.
Delete a Product A product can be deleted from a PBS, and PFD.  When a product is deleted, it will be removed from the PBS, PFD, and product checklist as well as the project activities.
Change the name of a product Changing the name of a product can be done from the PBS, PFD, Product Description, Product Checklist, and Project Activities.  All places where the new name should be used will be updated.
Specify the Type of Product After a product has been created, the correct type of product can be set.  For example, a product may be an external product or a type of intermediate product.  These types of products require special processing. See Product Types.
Enter a Product Description Enter a product description for a product.
Save a PBS or PFD to a file Save a PBS or PFD to a file so other applications can use the pictures. NOTE: to obtain an EMF image, create a MS Word document and copy and paste the image from the document.
Generate a Product Description Document Generate a product description document that consists of the PBS, PFD, and Product Descriptions for the project.

Revision: 3.3.7