Designing a Plan (PL1)

The design of this software builds upon the definition of the Planning (PL) process within PRINCE2®.

This software includes the following PRINCE2® products:

NOTE:  Please refer to your manual
'Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®'
or your course notes for full descriptions of the following products

Product Description Outlines - Appendix A

The items below are defined in Appendix A.

Appendix A contains product description outlines for the management products produced by the Project Management Process.  These product description outlines identify a set of information to be captured to produce the product.  The information is used by this software.
Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) A hierarchy of all the products to be produced during a plan.
Product Checklist A list of the major products of a plan, plus key dates for their delivery.
Product Description A description of a product's purpose, composition, derivation and quality criteria.  It is produced at planning time, as soon as the need for the product is identified.
Product Flow Diagram (PFD) A diagram showing the sequence of production and interdependencies of the products listed in a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).

Project Activities:  Part of
* Project Plan;
* Stage Plan; and
* Quality Register.

The Activities necessary to create products.  These can be identified as Stages, Work Packages, Create Product, Activities, or Quality Checks.
Daily Log Keep a record of the status of the plan and any events that may occur during the project.

Revision: 3.3.7