Identifying Activities and Dependencies (PL3)

This software helps you to identify and define:

  • Stage Boundaries
  • The products created during a stage
  • The work packages and their associated products
  • The activities necessary to create or quality check a product.

The following functions help you perform these operations:

Identify or insert an Activity Insert an activity into the Project Activities list.
Re-position an Activity within the Project Activity List Move activities within the Project Activities list using drag and drop or the arrow buttons.
Delete an Activity Delete an activity from the Project Activities List.
Specify the Type of Activity Specify or change the type of activity in the activity list.  This allows the identification of Stages, Work Packages, Activities or Quality Checks.
Enter an Activity Description Enter the description of the activity.  This information varies by type of activity and is used to be clear about the purpose and objectives of the work. For example, information about the Project, Stage, Work Package, Create Product, Activity or Quality Check to be entered.
Allocate Resources to Activities Allocate resources to work on activities and assign specific responsibilities to these resources.
Print the Project Activities List Print or export the Project Activity List information to a document.
Export the Project Activity List to MS Project Export the activities to MS Project for further refinement of schedule and resource levelling.

Revision: 3.3.7