Planning Process

This software helps you carry out the following PRINCE2® Planning processes:

NOTE: For PRINCE2® 2009, the Planning Process is now part of the Plan Theme. For PRINCE2®2005 or earlier, the planning process was Planning (PL). The steps are basically the same.

Designing a Plan (PL1)

This software consists of a number of electronic Drawings and Forms to capture the planning information.  The software has been designed to implement the planning process using the PRINCE2® Product Descriptions defined in Appendix A of of the Manual. 'Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®'

If you are familiar with the PRINCE2® Project Management process and the Product Descriptions found in Appendix A, the information and examples should help you understand the structure of the planning information.

Defining and Analysing Products (PL2)

This is the heart of this software.  Products can be identified in a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), defined with individual Product Descriptions and then placed in a Product Flow Diagram (PFD) to show the sequence the products will be created.

The Product Checklist provides a complete list of products that have been identified for the project.

Checks are performed along the way to ensure that the Product Breakdown Structure, and the Product Flow Diagram are correct representations of the relationships and dependencies.

Identifying Activities and Dependencies (PL3)

Once the products have been defined in the Product Breakdown Structure and sequenced in the Product Flow Diagram, the activities to create the products can be identified.

This software provides significant flexibility to create a project structure with Stages, Work Packages, Products, and Activities necessary to create the products identified in the product checklist.

Estimating (PL4)

For each of the activities identified in the plan, the resources are identified with an estimate of the effort necessary to complete the work.

This information is maintained in a plan extract.

Scheduling (PL5)

The start and end dates for these activities can be captured as the resources and work needed is defined.

The information identified in the activities may also be exported to MS Project for critical path scheduling and resource levelling.

Analysing Risks (PL6)

This software helps you analyse the plan for risks and establish contingency plans.

Information about each of the products can be used to help assess and update the Project Risk Log.  

Completing a Plan (PL7) Once all of the information about the plan has been captured, various views can be created which are necessary to generate a plan (project, stage, or work package).  This information can be exported to various formats for further review or editing.

Each of the above sub-processes are described in their own section.

Revision: 3.3.7