Project Management Process (PRINCE2®) Overview

ChangeAide provides a way to capture and manage project management information about a project.  The following project management processes are supported by this software:


Starting up a Project (SU)

Provides support to identify and define the project organisation, including:

  • Jobs, Roles, and Skills
  • Resources
  • Teams
  • Assignments

Support to prepare the Project Brief, including:

  • Overall project objectives, scope, deliverables and outcomes
  • Initial Risk Log (Project version or greater)
  • Capturing alternative approaches

Using the Planning (PL) process, to plan the Initiation Stage.

Initiating a Project (IP)

Identification of the stages of the project

Preparation of the Project Plan using the Planning (PL) process

Preparation of the next stage plan for the project using the Planning (PL) process.

Preparation of the Issue Log, Updating the Risk Log, tracking Quality Checks for the stage, producing status reports (Highlight and checkpoint).  (Project Version or greater)

Directing a Project (DP) This process covers the direction of the project throughout its life cycle, by the project board. The key responsibilities are overall direction and decision making and resource commitment.
Controlling a Stage (CS)

Tracking Progress against the Project or Stage Plan

Managing the Issue Log and producing status reports (Project version or greater)

Action tracking across the entire project (Project version or greater)

Tracking resource allocations and resource assignments.

Managing Product Delivery (MP) Tracking work packages and activities to produce the various products.
Managing a Stage Boundary (SB)

Preparation of Stage Plans for the project using the Planning (PL) process.

Updating the Risk Log (Project version or greater)

Tracking lessons Learned

Reviewing the outstanding actions from Stage activities (Project version or greater).

Planning (PL)

See Planning (PL)

NOTE: Planning (PL)is no longer a separate process in PRINCE2® 2009. The activities are now described in the Plan Theme. The activities described in the Theme are the same activities described in the PL process from earlier versions.

Closing a Project (CP)

Resources are released from the project

Lessons learned (from the Daily Log) are recorded.

Any remaining work or unresolved issues are carried forward to another project.

NOTE: For those who may still be transitioning to PRINCE2® 2009, the 2-Character Process short names have been retained for compatibility with PRINCE2® 2005.

Revision: 3.3.7