Release 3.1.10 Available


Release 3.1.10 is now available. This release contains the following:

1) New: Insert DailyLog Entries on the Action View

2) New: Button to show the Daily Log entries on the Action View

3) New: Grid Line Style and spacing now displayed after changing.

4) New: Select Mode enabled on PFD (drag a box around a set of Products) now enabled (easier to move products).

5) New: Assumption now on the Daily Log type list.

6) New: Multi page printing for PBS, PFD and Org chart (Fit to Height or Fit to Width will be on one page).

7) Fix: Text properties now saved and restored correctly

8) Fix: Project Plan report index error fixed.

9) Fix: Improved setting header levels (more depth and spacing)

10) Fix: Improved PDF Bookmark display. (Only header levels; increased depth).

11) Fix: MS Project Interface prompts for save on import to new file.

12) Fix: MS Project Interface Constraints only set on new tasks

13) Fix: MS Project Interface reads Resource fields correctly.

14) Fix: MS Project Interface Resource Rate information is now Read Only (change in MS Project).

15) Fix: Assignment Detail Report is now working correctly.

16) Fix: Improved printing of tables with variable height rows.

17) Fix: Improved printing of tables with hidden (collapsed) rows

18) Fix: Additional tailoring for PRINCE2 2009. PRINCE2 2009 is now default for new installations.

Component / Internal Updates:

  • MS Project XML Beta Test ready for testing with MS Project and Primavera (contact for details).
  • MS Word / HTML reporting engine updated.
  • New Installation package more suitable to Windows 7 / Vista.
  • Improved approach to language and model tailoring.

I appreciate all of your help to identify and resolve these issues and improve ChangeAide. Please report any problems, feedback or enhancements.


Regards, Bruce

Revision: 3.3.7