Release 3.1.13 Available


Release 3.1.13 is now available. This release contains the following:


1) New: Cut, Copy and Paste for most tables (cut only for Actions, Assignments, and Estimates)

2) New: Multi-select button added (can select when a table is selected)

3) New: Copy to file; Paste from File (Single Project version or greater).

4) New: Additional spell check dictionaries for various languages -

5) New: Select a specific dictionary using Tools >> Options.

6) New: Effort displayed in Hours rather than Minutes when imported from MS Project (more to come) (entry format is: ddd.hh:mm:ss)

7) New: RAG backcolour is now set.

8) Fix: Export tables to Excel now has correct dates (Unless you were in the USA).

9) Fix: Alignment of information in Columns (centre and right now improved).

10) Fix: Handling the refresh of the Actions in Daily Log, Actions, and Records views

11) Fix: Improved handling of switching between maximized and normal / and various forms

12) Fix: Improved handling of UK / USA english variations

13) Fix: Corrected a specific UnDo / ReDo case (UnDo / ReDo after inserting and deleting an item).

14) Fix: Corrected condition with small diagrams and printing on multiple pages.

15) Fix: Various spelling corrections

16) Fix: Now showing the initial filter items on existing filters.

Component Updates:


  • Revised Report Engine
  • Revised Form Components for Views.
  • Improved Export / Import MS Project XML for beta testing.

I appreciate all of your help to identify and resolve these issues and improve ChangeAide. Please report any problems, feedback or enhancements.


Regards, Bruce

Revision: 3.3.7