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Release 3.1.14 Available


Release 3.1.14 is now available. This release contains the following:


Various corrections to Release 3.1.13:


1) Fix:.When pasting to a table with a number column (Jobs, Roles, and Skills, any Records, etc), the correct number is now shown.

2) Fix : Cut, copy, and paste keyboard shortcuts are now available when editing a cell in a table.

3) Fix : Records now enabled for Paste.and Save to File

4) Fix : Improved calculation of space available for a diagram

5) Fix : Stronger colours for RAG (now Red, Yellow, and Green to display correctly in Excel). Text colour also changed to improve contrast.

6) Fix : Search capabilities enabled on help.changeaide.com

7) Fix : Tools >>> Options 'Diagrams TAB' Fit to page buttons enabled for PBS, PFD, and Org Chart.

8) Fix : Single or Multiple Page printing of diagrams (PBS, PFD, Org Chart) .. now only controlled in report definitions See note below:


NOTE: The Single or Multiple Page printing of diagrams is now fully controlled by the Zoom Percent entry on the Report Details view. These settings are saved when the PBP file is saved.


Four types of Zoom Percent can be entered:


1) A number between 10% and 800%

2) 100%

3) Fit to Width

4) Fit to Height


NOTE: the values for 2 to 4 are already included in a drop down list. To set a unique percent (1), just type any number with a percent sign in the cell


Regards, Bruce

Revision: 3.3.7