A New Version of ChangeAide 3.3 is Available!!!

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Release 3.1.20 Available


Release 3.1.20 is now available. This release contains the following:


Various corrections to Release 3.1.15:


  1. New Matrix View and RASCI Editor.
  2. New Windows Server and Terminal Server installations now supported.
  3. Fix Saving to Excel now correctly sizes the columns to max width
  4. Fix Visible / Hidden Rows now handled correctly in all reports / views.
  5. Fix Project Reader License Key now suppresses startup message.
  6. Fix Saving to Excel now sets the merged headers correctly.
  7. Fix Diagrams (PBS, PFD, OrgChart) now initialized correctly after loading.


BETA TEST of new Capabilities: Registered Users Only.




1) MS Project XML


An updated version of the MS Project XML Interface is available. This interface is considerably faster than the current MS Project Automation Interface. This interface is now working with MS Project, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Other project management packages that read and write MS Project XML are being evaluated.


Initial support for MPP files now included. This support will be improved during July. Any feedback appreciated.


2) Rich Text Editing


A very early version of the Rich Text Editor is available for feedback and evaluation. This allows Fonts, simple formatting, and text colours to be set in the various tables.


Any feedback appreciated on this area...


The next release will continue to improve the MS Word support and the MS Excel output. A number of corrections to these are being worked and that will lead to another release by the end of June 2010.


Regards, Bruce

Revision: 3.3.7