A New Version of ChangeAide 3.3 is Available!!!

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Please download using the e-mail or instructions you received to locate the installation package.


Release 3.1.30 Available


Release 3.1.30 is now available. This release contains the following:


Various corrections to Release 3.1.29:


This release addresses a number of additional sources of 'Object not Found' errors. Please update to this version.


  1. Fix Corrections to UnDo / ReDo related to positioning of deleted rows
  2. Fix Corrections to Table Filtering and selection of header rows.
  3. Fix Corrections to drag / drop positioning during restore
  4. Fix Improved positioning of selected rows after ReDo operations
  5. Fix Improved showing of rows after a row is selected.

If you see any further 'Object not Found' errors (or any other errors), please notify support@changeaide.com. Any problems of this type will be given very high priority.


Regards, Bruce


BETA TEST of new Capabilities: Registered Users Only.




1) MS Project XML


An updated version of the MS Project XML Interface is available. This interface is considerably faster than the current MS Project Automation Interface. This interface is now working with MS Project, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Other project management packages that read and write MS Project XML are being evaluated.


The MS Project XML interface is now handling roll-up of work for Tasks and Resources.


Started testing direct MPP file reading.


2) Rich Text Editing


A very early version of the Rich Text Editor is available for feedback and evaluation. This allows Fonts, simple formatting, and text colours to be set in the various tables. The editor has been updated in this release. Contact support@changeaide.com for further information.


Any feedback appreciated on this area...


Regards, Bruce

Revision: 3.3.7