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Release 3.2.1 Available


Release 3.2.1 is now available. This release contains the following:


Various corrections to Release 3.1.40:


Fix Document Properties now set correctly

Fix Invalid bookmarks handled.

Fix Start product indicator status and label set correctly

Fix Flash export format improved and opens correctly.

Fix File Export Image As 'EMF' now saves an EMF image file.

Fix Details pages now Scaled correctly with High DPI settings.

Fix ProjectPD format now set when using PRINCE2 2009.

Fix User activation message on startup (if product not activated for trial period)

Fix Improved startup performance

Fix Corrected the layout of headers / footers that contain tables

Fix Various updates on conversion to PDF, DOCX, ODC, FLASH.

Fix Can now reset the rounded rectangle shape


This version is now a base for future development.


Regards, Bruce


BETA TEST of new Capabilities: Registered Users Only.




1) Rich Text Editing


Status: Rich Text Editing requires Rich Text information to be in the database. Implementing this approach now would mean files would not backwards compatible. This full implementation will be handled in a future major release.


Markdown is now being used to provide a simple 'TEXT BASED RICH TEXT processing capability. This is compatible with most databases and is converted to XHTML which allows regular formatting capabilities to be included. In addition, any XHTML markup can be included (EXCEPT SCRIPTING).


Markdown is enabled on PROJ_ bookmarks and in any details pages. Markdown is not available in Actions.


2) MS Project XML


This area has been escalated to the development Team. Currently, MS Project is still cleaning up some of the updated values on export. These will all be addressed in the next few months.


The areas being addressed are:


  • MS Project XML merge back into an active project.
  • MS Project XML calculations
  • MS Project XML round trip with MS Project.

Any feedback appreciated on these areas...


Regards, Bruce

Revision: 3.3.7