There are three mechanisms to obtain support or provide feedback:

Product Forums:

ChangeAide Product forums are located on the Product Based Planning Knowledge Base web site. This forum provides support for:

  • the use of Product Based Planning (a major part of the product)
  • the use of ChangeAide (questions or problems)
  • the ChangeAide Release History (fixes or enhancements)
  • Suggesting ChangeAide enhancements (you must register in the forum to participate)

This forum provided a peer to peer support mechanism for users of ChangeAide

Please feel free to suggest enhancements to the product as well as report any issues that are impacting your use of the software.

E-Mail Support:

Please use the following email: as an alternative way to obtain help using ChangeAide. This e-mail address can be used for:

  • Asking specific questions related to the use of the software
  • Reporting problems
  • Requesting new features

E-mail support to help you get started with or make the most effective use of ChangeAide is FREE!!

Any e-mail requests for support may be referred to the reseller organisation near you.

Help System Feedback:

A feedback form is provided for each topic in the ChangeAide help system. Please use this feedback form to let us know if:

  • A topic addresses your question
  • A topic needs more information or a screenshot
  • A topic is missing
  • An example needs to be included.

This information is used to improve the effectiveness of the ChangeAide help system.

NOTE: To guarantee a response, please use the e-mail support above..

Revision: 3.2.18