There are three mechanisms to obtain support or provide feedback:

E-Mail Support:

Please use the following email: as an alternative way to obtain help using ChangeAide. This e-mail address can be used for:

  • Asking specific questions related to the use of the software
  • Reporting problems
  • Requesting new features

E-mail support to help you get started with or make the most effective use of ChangeAide is FREE!!

Any e-mail requests for support may be referred to the reseller organisation near you.

Help System Feedback:

A feedback form is provided for each topic in the ChangeAide help system. Please use this feedback form to let us know if:

  • A topic addresses your question
  • A topic needs more information or a screenshot
  • A topic is missing
  • An example needs to be included.

This information is used to improve the effectiveness of the ChangeAide help system.

NOTE: To guarantee a response, please use the e-mail support above..

Revision: 3.3.7