Installation Problems

The following are recommendations for installation:

Ensure that all programs are stopped before installing As a general installation precaution, please close any running applications before starting the installation process.
Invalid Certificate Error If you are using Windows 2000 and see an "Invalid Certificate" Error, See the ChangeAide Forum for more details.

During Installation:

ChangeAide runs on systems with Windows 2000 or greater and the .NET Framework v2.0 installed. ChangeAide also runs on Terminal Servers. See Server Installation for further information.

If the .NET Framework v2.0 is not installed. This file will be installed during the installation. You can also download the .NET Framework V2.0 from the Microsoft website if you would like to install this package before installation of ChangeAide. Please contact for instructions.

After installation:

After the installation and activation process is complete, ChangeAide PROJECT VERSION should be fully activated for a 20 day trial period. A project will be opened that is the full answer to the tutorial.

If you are unable to use edit the diagrams (Product Breakdown Structure or Product Flow Diagram), the software may be in PROJECT READER mode and may not be activated. Please follow the instructions to Activate the 20 day Trial Period.

If you are experiencing slow startup performance, please see the Startup Time to understand why this time may be long.

If you experience any other problems or need installation support, please contact

or visit the ChangeAide Forums

If you are looking for other information, or would like to suggest improvements, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Revision: 3.2.18