Startup Performance Explained

ChangeAide has been written using the Microsoft .NET Framework. This framework has many advantages and benefits for the future, such as improved security, managed runtime environment, and a large library of re-usable software.

With the benefits, come some challenges, such as the time to start the application.

Here is a summary of the startup process and where the time goes:

1) Loading the Microsoft .NET Framework (One time per system restart)

The first time any .NET Framework application is run, the .NET Framework runtime libraries must be loaded. Loading this framework may take a number of seconds. This time is only needed the first time any application that uses this framework.

This explains why the second time the application is started there is a reduction in startup time.

2) Updating any revised or new files in 'My Product Based Plans' (Once per upgrade to a new version)

If there are any new or revised files included in a new version or upgrade to an existing installation, the files will be copied to the 'My ProductBasedPlans' Folder. This may also take a few seconds. This will only occur the first time after a new or upgraded version has been installed.

3) Security and Authentication (Everytime)

Everytime ChangeAide is started, all digital certificates are checked and the users authentication and permissions are checked. In addition, the License Key is also validated. This ensures that the software you are using has not been changed or tampered with. This check also confirms that all versions of the software are fully compatible with this release of the software.

4) Final Application Preparation for Running (Everytime)

All .NET Framework software is delivered in an intermediate language that is linked to the framework before run. This ensures compatibility with your current operating system version and hardware configuration.

5) The application 'ChangeAide' finally loads (Everytime)

All of the components of the ChangeAide Application are then loaded and initialised. This includes the language, objects, forms, tables, etc necessary to run the application. This takes a number of seconds to prepare the full application for operation.

6) The initial PBP plan is loaded (Everytime)

Relative to the above time, loading the actual plan does not take much time at all. This can be seen when a recent project is selected or a new PBP Plan is opened.

The actual performance to open a new or existing PBP Plan is much faster than the previous version.

Hints and Tips (Recommendations)

1) Increase the number of 'Recently used files'

As a recommendation (Hints and Tips), increase the number of 'recently used files' (Tools >> Options >> General) and switch between projects by opening recently used files or opening new files without closing and re-starting ChangeAide.

2) Increase the amount of physical memory on your system.

The startup time can be reduced by increasing the amount of physical memory on your system. Though ChangeAide will run on systems with memory less than 500mb (megabytes), the performance will be slower than systems with 1gb (gigabytes) or more.

3) Start a .NET Framework application

Ensure that the .NET Framework is loaded early in the day to eliminate the time to load the .NET Framework runtime.

We will continue to look for ways to reduce the startup time.

Thank you for using ChangeAide.

Revision: 3.3.7