Introduction to the ChangeAide 3.3 Tutorial

This tutorial takes you through the entire process of creating a product based plan using ChangeAide 3.3. The same steps covered in this tutorial are used to maintain the plan through the project life cycle. Please view the ChangeAide 3.3Tour before starting the Tutorial

You may want to print this page before you proceed.


We will use the Moved Shed example from an earlier version of the PRINCE2® Manual.  The complete set of plans for each step of the tutorial can be found in the examples folder that is provided with this software.

The tutorial takes you through the following steps and should take about 20 minutes to complete.

  1. Create a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
  2. Enter Product Descriptions (PD)
  3. Create a Product Flow Diagram (PFD)
  4. Establish the management stages
  5. Establish work packages within a stage
  6. Assign Products to the Stages or Work Packages
  7. Export the plan to MS Project
  8. Make an Entry in the Daily Log

The file ShedExampleACTIV00.PBP in the examples folder contains the results of the steps above.

Other examples of more complex projects and the new Conference Example are found in the Product Based Planning Examples Section

The steps outlined in the tutorial can be used with the latest Conference project. Just use the products from the manual to create the PBS, PD, and PFD. The activity list for the conference is no longer provided in the manual. Please use the tutorial as a guide to create your own activities for the Conference or use the activities provided in the Conference Example above.

For the latest information on Product Based Planning or ChangeAide 3.3, please visit the Product Based Planning Knowledge Base Forum

Revision: 3.3.7