Tutorial Step 8: Make an Entry in the Daily Log

Note: This topic is part of the tutorial sequence to learn ChangeAide 3.3. The first step in the tutorial is Create a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).

Other examples of product based plans can be found at the Product Based Planning Examples Section or in the folder "My Documents\My ProductBasedPlans\Examples".


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to Make an Entry in the Daily Log


The daily log provides a place to track the history and status of the plan and key events and actions that are needed.

  The following steps take you through Making an Entry in the Daily Log
Make an entry in the daily log
  1. Select the Log tab.
  2. Click the Insert button on the Log tab. A new entry is created with today's date.
  3. You can change the values in each of the columns by double clicking the fields. Some of the columns allow you to choose from drop down menus.

Note: To select from a drop down menu, click on the field and then the arrow to the right.


Save your project
  1. From the File menu, choose Save As.
  2. Save your project in the examples folder: My Documents\My ProductBasedPlans\Examples.
  3. Save your project as DailyLogTutorial.

NOTE: Daily Log entries can also be entered on the Actions View. Use View >> Actions and then Insert >> Daily Log. The Daily Log button will select the Daily Log entries. Click the Daily Log button again to show all actions.


View a demonstration of Making an Entry in the Daily Log


You have made an entry in the Daily Log. You have also completed the tutorial.

You can get further Help as you use the product from the other topics in this Help file.

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