ChangeAide Options and Settings

Options are available to tailor how ChangeAide works. Some of the options are stored in the Product-Based Plan (PBP) file and other are stored locally for each user.

The following categories of options are available:

Category Description
General Various settings for Recently Used files, Language and Dictionary Information.
Models The type of model that is used, such as, PRINCE2, PMBOK, DSDM/Atern, etc.
Diagrams Specific settings for the PBS, PFD, and Org Chart.
Shapes Provide the options for using different shapes in the diagrams.
Publishing Enables Markdown processing; excludes grouping products from reports.
Management System Provides access to a demonstration Organization Manual (Quality Manual) or to various active management systems.

Controls the visibility of certain columns. Hiding some columns gives room for others.

Set or reset the identifier column (See Below)

File Locations Setup workgroup locations to share project files and reports.
Reset PBP Data This provides a way to create re-usable templates for similar projects.

These Options are available through the Tools >> Options Menu. The items categories above represent specific tabs in the options form.

Setting the Identifier Column

Set the starting text for the identifier. This text may be the following:

  • 0 = starts the counting from the top level (1., 2., 3., etc)
  • 4 = starts the counting with the number
  • Text = starts the counting with the specified text
  • Cleared text = Reset the identifier.

Press the 'Set Identifier Column' button to set the values and then press OK.

Set the check box to add the identifier to the PBS and PFD.

Revision: 3.3.7