Edit Menu

The edit menu provides capabilities to delete items and copy and paste various items.

The main functions found on the edit menu are:

UnDo / ReDo Provides support to UnDo the last operation or ReDo an operation that has been undone. There are no limits to the number of UnDo or ReDo operations retained. However, when a new view is selected the UnDo / ReDo information is reset.
Cut, Copy and Paste
Cut, Copy and Paste are available for most tables in ChangeAide. The following tables only support Cut operation: Assignments, Actions, and Estimates. Copy to File and Paste From File are available for the Single Project version or greater.
Insert, Assign, Replace, and clear Products in Activity List These operations manage the activities that are linked to products. These activities are associated with products through the use of these commands. This is only on the Product Based Plan PBP view.
Delete items appropriate to the view Deletes the items appropriate to the selected view.

Revision: 3.3.7