Editing Text and Spell Check

Editing Text

In general, Text in any cell in a table can be edited. The following steps provide guidelines for editing text.

Select Text to edit

Click on a cell in a table or Select a box in a diagram

Start editing

There are many ways to start editing

Double click on a cell

or Start typing over text in a cell

or Double click on a box in a diagram

Spell Check

NOTE: A valid spell check dictionary must be available for a spell check to be carried out:

Any words underlined with a red line are words that may have a spelling error.

Right click on the word to show a menu of options available to correct the problem

Adding a new line

Hold the <shift> key and then click the <return> or <enter> key. This adds a 'hard return' similar to the 'hard return' in MS Word or MS Excel. This type of return is not an end of paragraph marker.

Any number of new lines can be added this way to provide white space around text.

Finish editing

Hit the TAB character to move to the next cell

Hit the <enter> or <return> character to finish editing

Cancel Editing

Hit the <escape> or <esc> character. This will restore the contents of the cell before editing.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Within a cell, Right click to see the cut, copy and paste menu. This allows you to copy and paste information from one cell to another.

For entire rows of information, see Cut, Copy, and Paste Rows.

Enable or disable Spell Checking

Default Dictionary

If the current culture (Language and Location) of your system matches one of the installed dictionaries, this dictionary will become the default dictionary.

Changing the Dictionary

The default dictionary can be changed using the Tools >> Options -- General TAB. Select one of the installed dictionaries to enable the dictionary. Restarting the application will enable the dictionary. This new selection will become the new default dictionary until the dictionary is reset.

Resetting the dictionary

To disable the active dictionary, use the Tools >> Options -- General TAB and select your current culture (Language and Location). This will revert to the current culture dictionary if the dictionary is available.

Revision: 3.3.7