Short Cut Keys by View

Short cut keys are available for each of the views. Some keys are common across all views and some are unique to a specific view.

Common Short cut Keys

File Menu

Open: <Ctrl>+O

Save: <Ctrl>+S

Edit Menu

UnDo: <Ctrl>+Z

ReDo: <Ctrl>+Y

Cut: <Ctrl>+X

Copy: <Ctrl>+C

Paste: <Ctrl>+V

View Menu

Show or Hide Details: F5 (Function Key 5)

Show or Hide Bottom Pane: F6 (Function Key 6)

Layout Menu on Diagrams

Edit or Select with Mouse: F7 (Function Key 7) (only on PFD).

(This function changes between edit mode and select mode on a diagram. This allows multiple items to be selected by dragging a rectangle around the items.)


Multi-Select: F8 (Function Key 8) Push to toggle the state of the button.

Revision: 3.3.7