Toolbars and Menus

Each view has a menu bar across the top of the view.  The menu bar typically contains the following items:

File Used for primary file operations (new, open, close, save, save as); exporting images; print preview; properties; opening recently used files and exiting. New also allows for selection of templates.
Edit This menu can always be used to undo and redo edits. It will also allow for different options depending on the View selected. See Edit Menu for more details.
View Used to select other views and set various filters or options. See View Menu for more details.
Format Used to fine tune the layout of the diagrams.
Tools Gives access to the MS Project Interface, spelling checker and software options.

Options for ChangeAide

Reports Used to create or print documents or reports.
Knowledge Base Used to find additional help on the product based planning process.
Help Used to find help on how to use the software.
View Help Help system information is displayed about the current view.

Revision: 3.3.7