View Menu

The view menu provides the following items:

Show or Hide the View Panes

Some of the panes can be shown or hidden to make more space to work with the other items of data describing the project.  Each view has different types of data that can be shown or hidden.

Select other views

This portion of the view menu provides a list of other views that can be selected.  The views are identified by name.

Additional settings

Typically this is to control the grid an behaviour of the diagrams.  For example, showing or hiding a grid, or enabling or disabling 'snap to grid'.  This is useful to help layout a diagram in a consistent and structured way.

View Filters

Various view filters can be selected

The following types of View Filters are included in the Product Based Plan View:

Unassigned products

The products that are not included in the activity list are highlighted.  Grouping products are ignored.

Where products are used

This filter shows where products are used in the activity list.  For example, selecting a product in the product checklist highlights any corresponding products in the activity list.

Duplicate Product Names

In general, all product names should be unique.  This filter highlights any duplicate names contained within the list of products.

Products by Activity

Products are highlighted in the product checklist that are contained within the selected activity on the Activity List.  This provides an alternative cross check to ensure that all products have been included in the plan.

Revision: 3.3.7