What's New in ChangeAide 3.3?

For information 'What's new in individual releases' see the ChangeAide Release History Forum.

This topic contains information about the enhancements included in Version 3 (Version 2 as background).  Please use the following table to locate the areas in the help file that have changed.

New in Version 3.1

Formatted Text Initial formatting of text uses the Markdown Syntax to format readable text that is then converted to XHTML. Markdown processing is enabled in Tools >> Options Publishing TAB.
Windows 7 Logo ChangeAide has passed Windows 7 Logo Testing.
Collapse / Expand Collapse and Expand settings are now saved and restored.
Bookmarks now included in the help system. Bookmarks are now described in the help system and some additional bookmarks for navigation links are available.
XPS Paper Format The latest MS Document formats are supported.
Page setup and image scaling Page setup parameters and image scaling to fit to a page are available.
Table output in Word Rather than image Tables (such as Product Checklist or Project Activities) can now be output in MS Word.

New in Version 3.0

Microsoft .Net Framework The application is now a .Net Framework Application with all new components and updated design.
Help on Reports View Additional help to create custom Templates and create reports. This includes full Bookmark documentation.
Autolayout Improvements The Organization Chart now uses the same autolayout as the PBS and PFD.
MS Word not required Microsoft Word is no longer required for the generation of Word, or RTF documents. This allows Open Office or other equivalent word processor to be used.
XLSX and DOCX documents The latest MS Document formats are supported.
New License Key structure License Keys now provide a minimum of one installation. Additional installations can be purchased for the License Key if additional installations are required.
New Name - ChangeAide The name has changed to allow support for both programmes and projects in future releases. The supporting web site will provide additional knowledge base information about effective change management.

New in Version 2.2

Management System Options

The Management System Options Tab provides access to active and demo management systems from the Knowledge Base menu items.  The demos show how to integrate various best practice processes into a management system.

Initial Localisation - Dutch

Added initial Localisation for Dutch within the application.  Help system remains English.  

Tools >> Options >> General ... Select the language from the list.

PFD Auto Layout

Provide assistance to layout a PFD.  See the PFD for additional information.

Your feedback is welcome on the initial version of this capability.

PBS Auto Layout

Provide assistance to layout a PBS.  See The PBS for additional information.  To try this capability, click the 'Layout PBS' button on the Product Based Plan (PBP) View.

Your feedback is welcome on the initial version of this capability.

Two Versions

A Planning Version (product based planning capability)

A Project Version (Planning version plus Project Records (Risks and Issues), Custom Templates (MS Word Only), and enhancements to the Project Organisation.

Project Records

Project Records including Issues, Risks, Meetings, Quality Checks, and Requisitions can be created and maintained throughout the life of the project.  These project records can be cross-referenced to any products or activities.  Any associated actions can be tracked to closure.  A consolidated view of all actions across all of the project records can be used to ensure that open actions are identified and completed.

Custom Documents

Custom Documents can be created that use MS Word Templates that can be based upon your own department standards.  Information can be inserted into the documents at the appropriate location in the template.

Project Organisation

The Project Version provides additional information to support the project organisation structure.  Additional teams can be created to provide a full view of the teams working on the project.  The teams can be 'specialist' teams within the project and additional teams, such as suppliers or parts of the organisation that are involved with the project.

Enterprise Installation

Instructions for the Installation of the Enterprise Version have been included

New in Version 2.1

Additional Documents

Documents are provided for the project organisation and Jobs, Roles and Skills.  The same report specifications are used for Print Preview and Document Generation.  Most documents can be generated in MS Word.

MS Project Interface

Resources are imported and exported.  Tasks are imported and exported.  Limited updates are provided where tasks or resources already exist.  A new interface to MS Project guides the import or export process.

Single Installation Package

The installation package for this product is now a single installation file.

New in Version 2.0

UnDo and ReDo

Changes are tracked as they are made on a form.  The UnDo and ReDo buttons on the edit Menu can be used to restore the data to a state prior to the last full operation.  In many cases, the delete function causes changes to many tables, and diagrams in the application.  In general, many of these changes can be removed or reapplied using the UnDo and ReDo Buttons.

Organisation View

Resources, Teams and Assignments are created and maintained by selecting this view.  An organisation chart is also produced to identify the team structure.  Use View >>> Organisation

Jobs, Roles, and Skills View

Jobs, Roles, and Skills are defined for identifying the type of assignments for resources.  From the Organisation View, select View >>> Jobs, Roles and Skills

Diagram Formatting

Diagram formatting is now available for all of the diagrams.

OnLine Support

An online Knowledge Base for the use of Product Based Planning.  The knowledge base provides examples, lessons learned, and guidance on product based planning.

An online version of the help file to provide latest updates and in depth demonstrations.

Product Size Estimates

A new tab has been added to record product size estimates.  These might be estimates of:  Total Page count, Lines of Code, Function Points, quantities of items, etc.  These entries can also be used to track the actual information at the completion of the product and the project.

Microsoft Word Addin

Use a button to access product based plans from Microsoft Word

Allocation of Responsibilities

When allocating people to work on activities, responsibilities can be assigned to the resources on the team.  The responsibilities are typically Responsible, Approval or Accountable, Support, Review, etc.

Improved cell editing

In the detail form entry (two column text entry tables), the size of the editing cell can be changed and the cell is resized to fit the text when moving to a new cell.

Document Properties

Document Properties are now available to identify the document and record a revision history. Use File >>> Properties to change the information.


Any .PBP file can become a template or starting point for a new plan.  These files will be available on the File >> New >> Selection List

Freezing Columns

The number of frozen (non scrolled) columns can be changed by clicking and dragging the divider to a new position.

Real time PBS and PFD Quality Checks

Quality checks of the PBS and PFD are performed in real time to ensure that any of the quality criteria for these diagrams are met.  Bright yellow products indicate there is a problem, and red links indicate that the link has a problem.  Many of the common problems, such as cycles, are automatically precluded.

Revision: 3.3.7