03 Identify the Changes

This step identifies the changes to align the files when exporting or importing.

To Export to an MPP File

Source File:  

Destination File:  

The Current PBP File

The New or Existing MPP File

To Import from an MPP File

Source File:  

Destination File:  

The existing MPP File

The current PBP File

This step will identify the following changes to be applied to the destination file:


Adds a new task or activity identified in the source file and not matched in the destination file.


Updates a task or activity that has been matched in the source


Moves the existing activity or task to a corresponding position in the destination file and updates the contents of the activity or task.


Deletes an activity or task in the destination file that has not been matched in the source.  NOTE:  The delete can be changed to keep to retain the activity or task even though it has not been matched.

To identify the changes, push the 'Identify Changes' button.  If the changes are not as expected, close the form and start the process again.

The following picture shows the interface after the identification has completed.

Revision: 3.3.7