ChangeAide 3.3 Product Based Planning Support


The ChangeAide 3.3 Product Version provides the core elements for Product Based Planning and requires a Product Version License Key. These elements are:

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Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
Product Descriptions
Product Flow Diagram (PFD)
Product Checklist
Daily Log

 The products on the Product Checklist, PBS, and PFD can be collapsed or expanded to provide various levels of detail for complex projects.

In addition, Configuration Item information is established for each type of product. There is also a capability to establish estimates based upon product size. This provides additional information about the actual specification of the product.

The Product version also allows the entry of Daily Log information.

ChangeAide Product is more than just a planning tool. The status of each of the products can be tracked throughout the entire life of the project. The status is displayed directly on the PBS and PFD to provide a visual status representation of progress. These images can be tailored to the project.

Reports and diagrams are produced with the following capabilities for product Related information:

  • Single source - multiple output formats (MS Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, ODT, EPUB, etc)
  • Optional Report Navigation using bookmarks
  • High quality diagrams


The key benefits of this version are:

Fully integrated and comprehensive product based planning tool where:

  • All diagrams are automatically aligned and synchronized
  • The status of the products is included in the diagrams (Visual Status)
  • All titles are changed once and updated in all places where the information is used.
  • A single integrated tool with spreadsheet, diagrams, and text all in the same document and all aligned.
  • Multiple levels of plan can be viewed (Project and Stage).
  • The Product Breakdown Structure and Product Flow Diagram and be collapsed and expanded to provide focus.
  • Product Description reports can be generated in various document formats and bookmark navigation can be enabled.

The initial entry of the information is simple and consistent. where products are entered once and used where needed.

The real value of this type of tool is not in the initial creation of the information but the maintenance of the plan throughout the project. Updates can be made and published knowing that the entire set of information is consistent and aligned.

Revision: 3.3.7