Actions View (Project Version or higher)

The Actions View provides a consolidated view of all actions associated with the daily log and records.

Consolidated Actions

This view allows the update of the activity information; however, activities must be entered against the appropriate Record (Issue, Risk, etc) or the daily log.

The actions can also be filtered on this view. For example, all actions not complete and not lessons learned can be selected using a filter.

The additional filters provide a convenient way to ensure that all actions are assigned and tracked to closure.

The Daily Log

Daily Log entries can be inserted and selected from the Actions View.

The Menu item 'Insert >> Daily Log' adds a new daily log action into the actions view. The type of this entry can be set to the required type as well as the details of the remainder of the action.

  • Selecting the Daily Log button on the button bar selects all of the Daily Log entries
  • Releasing the Daily Log button shows all of the Actions across all of the Records and Daily log entries.

Action Filters.

Action filters can be set for the following types of information:

  • Lessons Log: Filter by Lessons Learned type
  • All actions not complete (all actions requiring work.
  • Decisions Log Filter by Decisions type
  • All actions for a specific resource.

More complex filters can be created and applied to the actions.

The Daily Log information can also be inserted and edited using the LOG Tab on the PBP View.. Only Daily Log actions are shown in the table.

Please view the Actions Demo to see the capabilities provided.

Revision: 3.3.7