Team Types and Status

Team Types

The following Team types are defined:

Type Description
All Teams Top level for all teams (cannot be changed or edited

A Governance team represents a Project Board or other governance team established for the programme or project.

This team typically includes assignments for the Executive, and other senior representatives on the board.


A project team is the top level team for the project

This team typically includes assignments for the Project Manager, and any other project level roles on the project.

Specialist Team

A specialist team is any part of the project. This might represent a work package team or team of specialists on the project,

This team typically includes assignment for the Team Manager and any specialist team members.


An organizational unit represents a part of the permanent part of the organization.

This type of unit might represent an internal supplier organization or a part of the organization that is undergoing a change.


Other types of teams:

Customer .. OrgUnits or Project teams within a customer organization

Supplier .. OrgUnits or Project teams within a supplier organization

Team Status

The following Team Status information is defined:

Status Description

The need for a team has been established


The scope and sizing of the team has been established.

Manager Appointed

The manager for the team has been appointed. (The manager assignment has been set).


The team plan has been approved and the team is now active in the organization.


The team is in a holding status and is not active.


All resources have been re-allocated.


The team is closed and no longer is used in the organization.

NOTE: Many of the status items above can be used for tracking organizational changes that require the setup or release of teams and their resources. Many of the actions in the plan would relate to state changes of a specific team.

Revision: 3.3.7