Product Types

Type Description

A product is identified in a Product Breakdown structure.

The Product Description specifies the product and quality criteria.

Activities create, transform or test a product.

Work packages provide the management controls to complete products.


A product may be a 'project level product' or a product specific to a stage.  Project Level Products (default when created) are identified by selecting the type on the Project Level column in the Product checklist.

Final Product or

Project Product Description

This product encompasses the entire scope of the project.  There will only be one final product in the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).  This is the end product for the project.
Integration Product

Usually intermediate products are not included on the PFD.  When an intermediate product is needed on a PFD, change the type to 'Integration Product'.


When Lower level products are integrated into a higher level product, the intermediate product needs to be visible. Integration Products require:


  • A product description
  • A quality review
  • Inclusion in the PFD
Grouping Product

A product that groups a number of related products - For these products:


  • No product description is required
  • No quality reviews (tests) are required
  • Not included in a PFD.
External Product An external product is necessary for the project to be successful;  however, the product does not have an associated work package and is not planned or controlled by the project.

Revision: 3.3.7