Records View (Project Version or higher)

Record Type Views

As you manage your project you need to keep records of a variety of events or situations. You may need to record quality checks, for example, to provide evidence that your product meets requirements. You may also need to track issues as they arise or to monitor and manage risks.

You insert these records in the Records View where each type of record has its own Register or Log. Each type of record is selected by using the View menu.

You can insert the following types of records in the Records View:

Issues Situations that need to be dealt with. You may need to add a number of actions to resolve each issue.
Risks Things that might happen that have an impact on your project or business. You may need to add actions to mitigate the risk or provide a contingency plan in case the risk occurs.
Quality Checks Records of planned and completed quality checks, such as, Quality Reviews, Tests, Audits, etc.
Meetings The results of various planned or completed meetings.
Status Reports The records of status reports, such as Highlight, Checkpoint or other reports
Requisitions The records of planned or completed purchases for the project.

The information recorded for each type of record can be seen in the Details view of the record.

Actions for each Record

You may also need to keep track of actions taken as a result of, or to deal with, the circumstance or situation that you are recording.

Actions are owned by a single record and are only inserted or deleted when looking at a specific record (e.g. issue, risk or quality check, etc.)

The Actions View consolidates all actions across all records to allow a consistent approach to tracking the actions to completion.

Printing a Single Record

A single record can be viewed or printed by selecting the details table and using the Print Preview button.

Revision: 3.3.7