Create or Print a Report

You can create or print reports in variety of formats. For example, you can print a report from a printer or save it as HTML for a website.

To create or print a document

  1. From the Reports menu choose Select Report. The Reports View opens. Each report that you can print has a row in the table.
  2. Select the row for the document that you want to print and set up the following options in the table:
  3. Type You cannot change this setting
    • Use Saved Settings - choose this to use settings saved from the last time you created this report.
    • Change Settings - choose this to display a dialog that lets you change page settings such as margins and page size. This dialog is displayed when you click Reports>>Create Document.
    • Landscape
    • Portrait
    Export Format
    • Printer - Preview the document and then print on a printer.
    • HTML - Save the document as HTML Pages for a web site.
    • XHTML - Save the document as XHTLML Pages for a web site.
    • PDF - Save the document as a PDF Document. (Two Formats)
    • XPS - Microsoft XML Paper Format (Like a PDF)
    • MS Word - Generate the document as an MS Word Document (selected documents only).
    • DOCX - Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 Format
    • DOCM - Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 Format with Macros Enabled.
    • ODT - Open Office Document Format
    • Excel - Save the document as an Excel spreadsheet (selected documents only)
    • RTF - Save the document as Rich Text Format (used for MS Word or word processing package interchange).
    • Flash - Save the document as a Flash SWF file. This format requires the latest Adobe Flash Player Component.
    • EPUB - XML Document format

    In addition, the following export formats are available for tables:

    • Excel - Export to an Excel File. Note: Multiple reports can be added to the excel file.
    • CSV - Comma Separated Variables - text file.
    Path Type  

    Set up the folder that you want to create the document in:

    • Specify - Choose this if you want to specify a folder in the Path field
    • Project Folder - Use the Project Folder specified in the Options dialog
    • Web Folder - Use the Web Folder specified in the Options dialog.

    If you set the Path Type to be Web Folder or Project Folder, this field is filled in automatically when you select it.

    If you set the Path Type to be Specify push the button to select the folder that you want to create the document in. You will need to type in a path name.

    File Name  

    Unless you selected an Export Format of Printer, this shows the file name entered in the Path field.  The file extension will be set automatically based on the export format.

    Note: If you set the Path Type to be Web Folder or Project Folder you can enter a file name here.

    Zoom Percent

    (Report Details)

    The Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), the Product Flow Diagram (PFD), and the OrgChart determine the number of pages by the settings of the Zoom Percent field on the Report Details View.

    NOTE: The Single or Multiple Page printing of diagrams is now fully controlled by the ZoomPercent entry on the Report Details view. These settings are saved when the PBP file is saved.

    Four types of Zoom Percent can be entered:

    1) A number between 10% and 800%

    2) 100%

    3) Fit to Width

    4) Fit to Height

    NOTE: the values for 2 to 4 are already included in a drop down list. To set a unique percent (1), just type any percentage number in the cell (Ensure the % sign is included)..

    NOTE: Fit to Height and Width will constrain the diagram to fit on a single page. The best orientation will be found.


  4. Click Reports>>Create Document. The document is previewed for printing or created according to your settings.

Note: All of these settings are saved for you to create future documents.

Revision: 3.3.7