Product Based Planning Examples Overview

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This section consists of a number of examples of using product based planning on projects. These examples contain examples of:

  • Product Breakdown Structures
  • Product Flow Diagrams
  • Product Descriptions,
  • and other related project activities (Stages, workpackages, etc).

Examples like these can be turned into reusable templates for similar projects.

ChangeAide can be used as a Free Product Based Plan Reader.Please download ChangeAide to view the examples below.

The following examples are available

General Project Examples

Business Process Bootstrap (to be provided)

Software Engineering
or ICT Examples

Creating a Microsoft Office Addin

Automating Project Records

Application Implementation

Training Course Development Examples

Two examples that show the various types of products that can be identified for a project.

 Creating a Training Course.

Other Examples

(Custom Templates

Planning a Conference

Event Management - 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

NOTE: The Event Management Example is a project used for training that is a relatively complete example of the capabilities of ChangeAide. This example also includes an example of a Custom Template for a Project Plan. This highlights the use of Bookmarks in a MS Word Template.

MS Project and
Primavera Training
The example provided in this section is used in all of the training course materials provided by Eastwood Harris.


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