MS Project Interface

The MS Project Interface helps you to:

  • Import or Export Resources
  • Import or Export Tasks and Assignments

View the Demonstration of the MS Project Interface

The MS Project Interface button on the tools menu or on the right click menu initiates the process to work with MS Project.  

NOTE:  MS Project must be installed on the system for this interface to work.

Once the dialog box has opened, the following five steps complete a transfer:

  1. Select the files to use for the transfer
  2. Select the information to transfer
  3. Identify the Changes
  4. Apply the Changes
  5. Save the PBP file and the MPP file.

Following the transfer both the 'Product Based Plan' file and the MS Project File (MPP) must be saved to ensure that future updates can identify which items need to be updated or added to the files.

Data Restrictions Across the Interface

NOTE:  The use of the regional 'list separator' in a resource name is prohibited.  The 'list separator' is set in the regional options of the Control Panel.  For example, the use of a comma to separate the last name and first name causes an error during transfer.  A comma (if this is the list separator) cannot be included in the resource name in Microsoft Project.

Updates when Resources are matched in the source and destination files

The following fields are updated if a resource are matched:

  • Initials
  • Email address
  • Max Units
  • Standard Rate
  • Overtime Rate
  • Cost Per Use
  • Code

Updates when Tasks are matched in the source and destination files.

The following fields are updated if an Activity or task are matched:

  • Planned Start and Finish Dates
  • Actual Start and Finish Dates

The name of the task if the unique identifiers are identical.

Updates to Project Level Information

The first activity represents the project level summary information for the project.  The interface will use the plan start and finish dates to set the Project Start and Finish Dates for the project.  The Title of the Project is also imported from the Project Properties Title field.  The project title can only be imported and not exported to MS Project.

Usage of Custom Fields within MS Project

The MS Project field 'Text30' is used to match tasks and activities and the field 'Number20' is used to sort tasks after the transfer operation is complete.  The Activity Type field is also copied to Text29 to allow for filtering of tasks based upon the Activity Type.  This is only used if you select the option to transfer Activity Type when exporting.

Revision: 3.3.7