Organization View

The Organisation View establishes the following for the project:

  • The Resources available to be assigned to teams
  • The Teams and their structure
  • The Assignment of Resources to the Teams with specific Jobs or Roles.

The organisation view is selected by using:  View >> Organisation.

The Teams table can not be edited with the planning version of the software.  The project manager will usually establish the project organisation prior to producing the product based plan.


Assignments are used by ChangeAide in a number of ways:

  • Show People and their Roles on a specific Team
  • Show the assignment that relates to the manager of a team (Project Manager or Executive Names to set the manager column)
  • Build the Matrix for the RASCI Editor (each resource must be assigned to a team that is part of the project)

Team Types and Status

Each team has an associated team type and Team Status. These are useful for tracking organizational changes. See the list of current types and status for a team.

See the Organization View Demonstration for further information on this capability.

Revision: 3.3.7