Product Based Planning (PBP) View

The Planning View is the way you build the core elements of a product based plan and is the default view for a plan.  The Planning View is usually accessed by using View >> Product Based Plan from another selected view.  The Product Based Plan (PBP) View is divided into three areas:

  • The Product Checklist
  • The Product and Activity Details including tabs for:
    • Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
    • Product Description
    • Estimates Based on Size
    • Product Flow Diagram (PFD)
    • Activity Details

    The Project Activities

Information across these three areas is coordinated for you as you enter or update data. For example, The name of a product can be changed in any of the locations and all occurrences will be updated automatically.

The widths of the areas can be adjusted by moving the dividers between the areas.  For example, you can make each of the areas display as a full screen form.  Any information not displayed can be accessed through the sliders on either side.

See the Product Based Plan Demonstration for a better understanding of the view.

Additional information is available for the Product Status and Product Type as well as Activity Status and Activity Types.

Revision: 3.3.7