ChangeAide 3.3 Project Management


The Single Project Version includes all of the capabilities of the Product Version and requires a Single Project License Key.

The Single Project Version includes the following capabilities:

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Project Information, related to:
  • Project Brief
  • or Project Charter and Scope Statement

Stage Information, related to: 

  • Management Stages
  • Technical Stages
  • Work Package Information

Assign Products to Activities

  • Product Information
  • Activity Information
  • Quality Check Information
MS Project Interface
Product Based Plan View

The description of each type of activity typically corresponds to the corresponding management product descriptions found in Appendix A of the PRINCE2® Manual. In addition, specific roles and responsibilities can be assigned to each activity in the plan.

These activities are contained in the project activities part of the Product Based Plan View.

The Planning Version also provides additional information in the Organization View. This information is:

  • Additional Team structures (specialist teams within the project)
  • Additional Resource assignments to the various teams

The information from the Project Activities can be exported or imported to MS Project along with additional information, such as assignments, costs, effort, dependencies. See the MS Project Inferface description for further information.


The Planning Version allows the plan to be structured based upon the products that need to be created or acquired. This ensures:

  • All products have been included in the plan (no missing products)
  • Easy navigation to all product related information within the plan
  • Activities can be expanded or collapsed depending upon the planning focus
  • Roles and responsibilities have been assigned to carry out the activities
  • Team structure is clearly defined.
  • Activities are scheduled and resources allocated.
  • Various plan documents are produced

In addition, Click on the image to view ChangeAide 3.3 in action:

Project Records, including:
  • Issues
  • Risks
  • Quality Checks
  • Meetings
  • Reports
  • Requisitions
Consolidated Action Tracking
Extended Teams
Custom Reports
The information for each record type is unique. Actions may also be entered for each record. The Actions can be tracked by record or across all records and the daily log..


The Single Project Version provides the following benefits:

  • Project Records are identified and tracked along with the plan
  • Items related to the records can be identified and tracked.
  • The status and type can be used to create filtered reports that focus on specific areas of the project.
  • Makes the full project organisation visible and trackable
  • Allows the reports to fit within the department style and format.

Revision: 3.3.7