ChangeAide 3.2 Tour Overview

This section takes you through a tour of ChangeAide.

The capabilities of each version of ChangeAide will be described from a view of capabilities and benefits to your teams.

The tour covers the various versions of ChangeAide:

In addition, the tour highlights all of the ChangeAide Views for a product based plan.


The ChangeAide 3.2 Product Based Plan (PBP) Reader provides read only access to a Product Based Plan.

The Project Reader can be installed and used for Free. A Free Project Reader License Key is available on request.

The project reader allows Product Based Plans created by ChangeAide to be read but not changed or saved. The information that can be seen is controlled by the owner of the plan. This is useful for team members to review their part in the project.

This allows users to:

  • Share and Review a plan
  • Print various reports
  • Understand the status of the work
  • Understand and handle actions.

Revision: 3.2.18