Bookmarks are used to specify the information to be included in reports.

Bookmark Format

Bookmarks consist of a data type, a separator (the underscore “_”) and an operation to perform along with optional parameters.


Examples are:

PROD_LIST Include the Product Checklist (The table containing the list of products)
PROD_PBS Include the PBS
ACT_PROJECT Include the Project Level Information for the project.

Combining bookmarks

Bookmarks may be combined within a bookmark field using the Pipe “|” character. 

Examples are:

FMT_PAGE|PROD_LIST Insert a page break before including the Product Checklist
PROD_PBS|FMT_PAGE|PROD_PFD Insert the PBS, a page break, and the PFD

Do not include leading or trailing “|” characters in the string.

Additional Bookmarks are defined in the following topics:

Bookmark structure in a MS Word Document


NOTE:  To see an example of a Project Plan Template that includes bookmarks, please download the EventDP2 example along with the Project Plan Template

Bookmarks have a 'BeginMark', 'Text', and EndMark

To Insert a bookmark into a MS Word document:

  • Select the Text you want to enclose in a bookmark
  • Use Insert >> Bookmark
  • Enter the name of the bookmark using the format above
  • Click Add

the Text enclosed in the bookmark, must be either:

  • The name of the bookmark e.g. PROD_PBS or
  • Text enclosed by the following Markers <|, |>

For example, the following can be added as an instruction:

<| The PBS Goes Here |>

This naming allows the bookmark text to be visible in the document and to be removed prior to inserting the information identified by the bookmark.

The Project Plan Template includes a number of bookmarks inserted in this style.

Revision: 3.3.7